UPS: How is Shipping Calculated

UPS: How is Shipping Calculated

Well this is more complicated than you may think and with the emergence of Amazon, UPS and other shipping providers have had to adapt their policy on how shipping is calculated and to be quite honest its not in your favor.

For many year boxes were based sheerly on weight, but when companies started shipping small, lightweight items in huge boxes these carriers implemented what's know as dimensional weight. 

A UPS truck in this instance only has a set amount of cubic volume, so they now value boxes based on their size more than their weight.

What this means to you is shipping is very hard to have a computer calculate accurately as it can't understand the size of the box only how much it weighs. We have our store to provide shipping cost if the order meets the following:

* Under 50lbs, as we think we can safely fit this in one box

* Does not contain oversized items like tires, wheels, seats and bodies

If the above are included in any capacity other than smaller tire and wheel orders, we have the shipping module not display the normal ground shipping option as in most cases it won't be accurate and could overcharge or undercharge depending on the situation. 

That is the reason you see the shipping option state "Shipping Calculated Once Order Is Received". When the order is received we will calculate the correct shipping and associate it with the order and complete the transaction in store where your card will be billed with a final total including shipping.

If you see that shipping looks wrong or you want a shipping quote first, Message,Chat or Text and we will get you a shipping quote first. if its a time sensitive order you can add a comment to the order to call as soon as we receive the order and quote shipping prior to the order being shipped.

All the above is mainly for ground transportation, if your order requires expedited shipping, there is Next Day and 2nd Day Air available but its needs to be for very small items and is reserved for orders weighing 10lb. or less for the option to be displayed in checkout. 

Since mid 2020 the above shipping situation in regards to oversized boxes has gotten even harder to work with as none of the shipping carriers want to carry oversized boxes and its been cheaper in most cases to put orders that can be divided up into multiple boxes like tires so to give you a little better insight into what the cost may be see below.

Shipping is still relatively simple when it comes to the base cost and distance is one of the major factors along with remote locations to figuring up what shipping will be. The cheaper end of the cost will be for for states and areas that are less rural and within the closest proximity of our location in South Carolina:

Tires - Regardless of Brand and the number is based on individual tires not sets. These represent what will fill a box

3-4: $20.00-22.00
6: $24.00-28.00
8-9: $28.00-34.00
Anything more than that would be better going into a separate box. Small parts can be added but keep in mind they would need to fit inside the tire to still ship in the same box

Wheels - Can be added to tires but they take up just about as much room and unlike tires can not be compressed to make extra room

1-4: $16.00-18.00
5-10: $17.00-22.00
11-14: $24.00-28.00
15-18: $28.00-34.00

Seats: Multiple size seats that graduate in size can be pushed together (up to 5 per box) and shipped in one box, but the price would be off the largest seat as that would dictate the box size

Youth: $25.00-32.00
Small - XXL: $35.00-45.00

Bodies: Only very small and lightweight parts can be added so the body does not get damaged in transit
3 total per box - $60.00

Front and Rear Floorpans fit in a box that is oversized but not to the point that it adds a dramatically large amount of shipping - $24.00-30.00

For any large orders or just overall questions please message or text us a screenshot of the order in your cart and we will be glad to assist 


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